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Let us help you choose if WordPress, Joomla or another system is the right choice for your website and e commerce solutions. The benefits of CMS are many, including increased SEO management. Many third-party software developers have created add on features to enhance SEO functionality and management.

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Greater SEO on new CMS platforms:

  • Joomla is a more robust CMS whereas WordPress is light, easy to use
  • Content management systems can be more secure than a regular site
  • CMS reduces the time to publish allowing for more content, quicker
  • Allows for optimized websites and centralized SEO management
  • RSS feed compatible so content can be viewed from your site daily

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Custom Content Management Systems for Your Website

This allows for easier and more effective optimization of numerous pages. Many of these add ons also come with snippet tools so that you can view your SERP result.

How Brands Stay Ahead And Stay Correct

At Cheap SEO Solutions, we understand the complexities of web design and how companies’ Content Management Systems affect their business. Your website must be optimized to boost your rankings in search engine results while being customized for your purposes and user friendly for your visitors. At the same time, it needs to fit well within your budget. We offer CMS’s equipped to provide a number of features to best serve your needs.

The most popular CMS’s currently available are Joomla and WordPress. Each offers its own array of benefits, but the specific needs of your business will determine which is right for you. Both include a wide selection of design templates and can be customized by our web designers based on the type of business you operate. Although these designs are based on standard foundations, we can create a unique layout for your company’s website.


Whether you’re just starting out or simply hoping to revamp a website for an established business, Joomla Web Design may provide the characteristics you’re looking for. It offers standard integrated features, such as:

This platform is designed specifically for managing e-commerce websites and keeping your information, as well as that of your customers, safe from hackers and identity thieves. It is also highly scalable, meaning as your business grows, so will your CMS.


Whereas Joomla is geared more toward e-commerce sites, WordPress Web Design caters to the more content-oriented business. This platform supports:

Of course, if your website needs e-commerce functionality as well as all these capabilities, WordPress offers a variety of plug-ins to support these needs.

Your website is a liaison between your company and its customers, affecting every aspect of your business from being visible in SERP’s to promoting your online reputation. We strive to help you make the most of your web design by offering all the Secure Web Design features you need without forcing you to pay for those you don’t. Let us at agency provide customize and optimize your Content Management Systems, so you can put your best virtual foot forward in today’s increasingly competitive online world.

  • Joomla is an amazingly robust and solid content management system that is openly developed, infinitely extensible and easy to manage.
  • Is the website your Grandmother could manage. It is light and user friendly making it the perfect choice for small businesses.
  • Many eCommerce solutions can be added to content management systems via plugins, while some stores have built-in content management systems.
  • Nearly all content management systems have extensions or plugins, both free and paid, to enhance functionality, security and site performance.
  • Websites built on platforms like Wix are not CMS. In truth you should avoid simple site builders as optimization can be very limited and difficult.
  • There are many themes and templates to apply to your CMS that shorten the design time and speed up site development and customization.

When is a WordPress website the right choice?

Almost a quarter of websites on the world wide web use WordPress for their content management system, but when is the correct time to use it? If you are planning on having a business website or as a blog you have probably already been told WordPress is the right choice for you, but before you make up your mind you should make sure you understand what WordPress can and cannot do. We are going to highlight a few things WordPress is known for.

When using WordPress to develop a site there are an unlimited amount of possibilities for your website to be designed. Your site can reflect exactly who you are as a person or business, because there are thousands of different ways to edit your site. WordPress has additional plugins you can use to further assist you create exactly what you want to be able to present to your clients including analytics and other helpful resources for managing your workflow. Almost any web design needs can be met with WordPress and its corresponding plugins

When is a Joomla website the right choice?

Joomla is often thought of as one of the most powerful content management systems. It offers a variety of plugins like WordPress to further create the best website for your business. Joomla has a focus in social networking as well, so if you wanted to create your own social network within a website, Joomla makes it possible to broadcast to your fans and allow them to exchange with one another concerning your products or services to increase visibility and presence in your respective market.

Joomla has had 35 million users and counting and as their website says, one download every 2.5 seconds. Joomla is the choice content management system by such companies as Pizza Hut and Kelloggs and even some public figures like Leonardo DiCaprio and music group Gorillaz. When you purchase a stool from IKEA you can note Joomla made it possible for your shopping pleasure. There are 6,000 extensions available to further replicate the ideas our developers have.

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