SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a series of tasks and arrangements designed to help your website rank higher for certain search terms to increase visibility. An expert in SEO can optimize your site internally on page, and externally so the search engines value your site more and will rank it higher in the results above the competition for those keywords. The first page result for high competition keywords that lead to a good RIO is the ultimate goal.

For example, imagine you are in Fayetteville, NC and you wanted to find an electronics store. You might search Google for “Fayetteville electronics store.” “Faytetteville electronics store” is your “keyword” and the results that are generated on the first page of the search results are the ones that Google considers to be the most relevant to satisfy your needs for information. That’s where SEO comes in to play. Google’s only job is to provide the best match to your search terms. Our job is to make Google recognize your business or institution as the most relevant website or mobile site to search terms that end in purchases.

The very short and simple answer is that in average, it takes about 4-6 months to see some real results in a correctly executed SEO campaign. The real, and more in depth response is that It really all depends on a variant of factors. What is the overall age of the website? What is your TrustRank with Google? Do you have any penalties levied on it now, or ever? Let’s take a comprehensive look at the longer and slightly more complex answer as it should give you a better idea on how Google treats a new SEO campaign.

When a site is in the earliest stage, just after purchase, Google doesn’t have a particular feeling about it at all. It will acknowledge it’s existence probably within the first 3 months, however if you prove that your website is worth a little bit more attention by getting a different website to “point” or link to it the site can be indexed within 24 hours. If a site already has a history with Google and you happen to have a positive reflection from it, then a brand new SEO campaign can show results in as little as 1 month. When we talk about a history the has a positive reflection from Google, we mean that it has had regular content creation without penalty since it’s inception.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a way to market your business online that promotes your website by increasing visibility using the help of PPC (Pay Per Click), and other search engine paid ads in one way or another. Many businesses begin with a good website and invest in SEO, but don’t always follow through with search engine marketing, which is another very important component of Online Marketing. SEM is a broader term than SEO. SEM is used to combine different options available like paid listings, and other related services to use the search engine technology, and the advertisements within them.

Where SEO aims to provide better organic search results, SEM uses the advertising spectrum on the results page to aim for more targeted traffic to your business, instead of on page optimization for higher rank. For instance, when a person uses a search engine to look up “fashion handbags” the organic, or on page optimization, results is where SEO can assist your website in being more visible on the ten positions on the front page. The paid advertising or sponsored ads are the ones prominently displayed with a yellow background above or beside the organic search results, as a product of SEM.

When dealing with profit margins and increasing the income to the business portion, there are a few ideas that have been working well with different online businesses throughout each industry that have seem to take off regardless of whatever product or service your company might be trying to market. Trying to create star performing strategies should be a cumulative effort between your business and one of our marketing representatives, as a comprehensive team to increase business presence.

First off, you can try offering just one product or service on your index/homepage. If you sell more than a few items off of your website we can always create a focus on whatever product has the highest ROI, product popularity, and/or customer retention rates. We’ve found that offering fewer products translates to more sales of one product, compared to few sales of all products. You can also try to add impact to your advertisements with pop-up ads. Everyone has seen at least one small window containing a special offer or other information that appear when you visit a website, and no matter how annoying and inconvenient they might be, they have been useful marketing tools for years.

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