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The importance of Professional Web Design has never been greater for business owners seeking a share of revenues generated by online marketing. At Cheap SEO Solutions, we never underestimate how important your website is for increasing income, and our staff works tirelessly to make sure your company has the best website possible.

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Make The Right Decisions With Professional Web Design:

  • Website design experts often recommend Joomia as a CMS option for companies building websites requiring ten or more content pages
  • Magento Community edition is perfect for large eCommerce store that need extensibility and control
  • Anyone seeking a Web Design Firm is encouraged to contact our professionals at Cheap SEO Solutions for advice and help
  • Our staff is available to design and update web designs, making it possible to move your website to the next level
  • Our many templates jumpstart page designs and reducing initial expenses for small business owners

Cost Building Your Perfect Website

Service ( s )Price
1 Responsive designfrom $99
2 Custom CMSfrom $149
3 eCommerce buildingfrom $299
4 Landihg page makingfrom $499
5 Design changefrom $799
6 Mobile appfrom $999

eCommerce solutions

Responsive website design

Custom CMS solutions

With Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines demanding high quality website design and content, companies are facing challenges never seen in the past. Competitive Web Design professionals are constantly responding to the algorithm changes initiated by search engines to make sure client websites stay at the top of search results.

At agency, we use several highly adaptable web content management systems to keep your business ahead of the curve. Both WordPress and Joomla are key tools used to design and update web pages. WordPress is an open source platform Cheap SEO Solutions experts often recommend. We suggest WordPress because of its ease of use and versatility. WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS) for business owners needing only a few content pages. While WordPress is not as robust as Joomla, it allows businesses a flexible, easily updatable platform to successfully compete online.

Responsive Design

The days of separate websites for your mobile, tablet and desktop screens are long gone with responsive and adaptive web design. Contact our professional web design team today!

Imagine never having to worry about the next device size and if your website is optimized for each screen size. Just imagine knowing each and every size device developers dream of will be covered. Now let your imagination run wild in the reality of responsive and adaptive web design. The types of web sites have call scripts that react to browser size of the device. This allows for a contiguous layout of elements in a fluid succession. This allows for automatic stacking and reordering to fit the content into the required space.
Agency is expert in designing websites that will outlast the dreams of device developers. We are skilled in delivering solutions that are adaptable to your business needs. Hire us today to design your new or redesigned website!

Professional Custom CMS


WordPress, Joomla, Opencart and ModX have changed the way websites are designed and managed. We can create custom CMS solutions in a variety of platforms that fit any budget.

Is it finally time to trade in that rusty old hand coded website you fondly call your business home page? We find that it can be a difficult process coming to terms with a redesign of an old website. All too often the thought of relearning the website can be prohibitive. Thankfully those days are gone and we now have simplified content management systems that can scale from a simple business website to a complex archive of current and past articles.
A content management system is comprised of a front end website and backend administrative interface that allows you to create and edit articles on a whim. Content management systems come in all shapes and sizes with WordPress and Joomla being the most wide used and developed.

Cheap SEO Solutions is ready to help you launch your new content management system and say good bye to 1990’s HTML coding. Ask us today about a content management system for your business.

Professional eCommerce Website Development

Start selling your products online with one of our top eCommerce solutions. Hire Cheap SEO Solutions to build the perfect online store for your business no matter the size.

Start selling your products online as fast as tomorrow! Company has many eCommerce solutions perfect for a few products up to a vast catalog of thousands of products with complex categories and needs. Smaller stores often opt for shopping carts that can easily be embedded into Facebook allowing you to sell on your website and Facebook. Shopping cart solutions such as Magento and Miva Merchant allow you to flexibility of an robust content management system integrated into the shopping cart application.
Both Miva Merchant and Magento can be fully customized with extensibility lending itself more toward Magento than Miva Merchant. When considering starting an eCommerce site or even when redesigning, one should decide first on the amount of products needed for a soft launch and then for a final hard launch. This allows you to test the environment before you have the complete catalog entered.

Loan Website Development

We understand the cost of developing a website can be cost prohibitive at times. We at Cheap SEO Solutions feel that every business should have the opportunity to have a professionally designed website that serves and represents the business properly. In order to provide our services to as many business as possible we have devised several payment solutions that can easy the budget of a new website.

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SEM, press releases, and other traditional marketing efforts like : Public appearances, print, broadcast, direct mail and telephone calls (cold calling telemarketers) Print marketing is the oldest form of advertising through traditional means. This strategy has been in use since ancient times, when the Egyptians created sales messages and wall posters on their native papyrus. Today, print advertising and marketing usually refers to advertising space in newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and even on bus benches in the more metropolitan areas.

Broadcast marketing includes the television commercials you see when viewing your favorite programming, and the radio messages you might hear while enjoying the coverage of sporting events. Radio broadcasting has been 1900’s and the first commercial broadcast, a radio program supported by on-air advertisements, aired on November 2, 1920. Television, the newer version of broadcast entertainment, was quicker to adopt advertising with less than 10 years between it’s inception and the first television commercial in 1941. According to this article in the United States has already started to use online advertisement more than print advertising since 2012 and has begun to compete with Television Ad spending. We at Cheap-SEO-Solutions recommend an integrated plan between all marketing techniques to meet your goals

Almost a quarter of websites on the world wide web use WordPress for their content management system, but when is the correct time to use it? If you are planning on having a business website or as a blog you have probably already been told WordPress is the right choice for you, but before you make up your mind you should make sure you understand what WordPress can and cannot do. We are going to highlight a few things WordPress is known for.

When using WordPress to develop a site there are an unlimited amount of possibilities for your website to be designed. Your site can reflect exactly who you are as a person or business, because there are thousands of different ways to edit your site. WordPress has additional plugins you can use to further assist you create exactly what you want to be able to present to your clients including analytics and other helpful resources for managing your workflow. Almost any web design needs can be met with WordPress and its corresponding plugins

Joomla is often thought of as one of the most powerful content management systems. It offers a variety of plugins like WordPress to further create the best website for your business. Joomla has a focus in social networking as well, so if you wanted to create your own social network within a website, Joomla makes it possible to broadcast to your fans and allow them to exchange with one another concerning your products or services to increase visibility and presence in your respective market.

Joomla has had 35 million users and counting and as their website says, one download every 2.5 seconds. Joomla is the choice content management system by such companies as Pizza Hut and Kelloggs and even some public figures like Leonardo DiCaprio and music group Gorillaz. When you purchase a stool from IKEA you can note Joomla made it possible for your shopping pleasure. There are 6,000 extensions available to further replicate the ideas our developers have.

When dealing with profit margins and increasing the income to the business portion, there are a few ideas that have been working well with different online businesses throughout each industry that have seem to take off regardless of whatever product or service your company might be trying to market. Trying to create star performing strategies should be a cumulative effort between your business and one of our marketing representatives, as a comprehensive team to increase business presence.

First off, you can try offering just one product or service on your index/homepage. If you sell more than a few items off of your website we can always create a focus on whatever product has the highest ROI, product popularity, and/or customer retention rates. We’ve found that offering fewer products translates to more sales of one product, compared to few sales of all products. You can also try to add impact to your advertisements with pop-up ads. Everyone has seen at least one small window containing a special offer or other information that appear when you visit a website, and no matter how annoying and inconvenient they might be, they have been useful marketing tools for years.

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