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Effective Marketing Strategies

Service( s )Price
1 Local Strategiesfrom $199
2 National Strategiesfrom $499
3 Continental Strategiesfrom $799


Reduce The Cost of Your Business With Our Digital Marketing Services

Social network marketing has provided new opportunities for advertising your business online. Everyone from small local businesses to the largest corporations in the world are now using social network sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you have been considering expanding your online presence to include social network sites, Cheap SEO Solutions offers professional services to help you achieve your goals.

In today’s global business economy, nearly every company should have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Social network marketing provides a unique opportunity to connect with your current customers, increase awareness for your brand or products, introduce new products, attract new customers, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales.

Effective Marketing Solutions in Irvine

At agency, we create and manage the social media presence of many businesses across a wide range of industries.

PPC Marketing in Orange County

Pay Per Click Management through Google Ads helps establish reliability through top ranking and advertisement combined.

24/7 Affordable Digital Marketing in Irvine

Using templates or custom formats, we run monthly or weekly email ads through Mailchimp to make sure to avoid spam filters.

eCommerce Digital Marketing in Orange County

Providing equal marketing for each aspect of your website is especially important when eCommerce and sales are involved.

What about complimentary, non-SEO Marketing ?

SEM, press releases, and other traditional marketing efforts like : Public appearances, print, broadcast, direct mail and telephone calls (cold calling telemarketers) Print marketing is the oldest form of advertising through traditional means. This strategy has been in use since ancient times, when the Egyptians created sales messages and wall posters on their native papyrus. Today, print advertising and marketing usually refers to advertising space in newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and even on bus benches in the more metropolitan areas.

Broadcast marketing includes the television commercials you see when viewing your favorite programming, and the radio messages you might hear while enjoying the coverage of sporting events. Radio broadcasting has been 1900’s and the first commercial broadcast, a radio program supported by on-air advertisements, aired on November 2, 1920. Television, the newer version of broadcast entertainment, was quicker to adopt advertising with less than 10 years between it’s inception and the first television commercial in 1941. According to this article in the United States has already started to use online advertisement more than print advertising since 2012 and has begun to compete with Television Ad spending. We at Cheap-SEO-Solutions recommend an integrated plan between all marketing techniques to meet your goals

How can i get more business through my website?

When dealing with profit margins and increasing the income to the business portion, there are a few ideas that have been working well with different online businesses throughout each industry that have seem to take off regardless of whatever product or service your company might be trying to market. Trying to create star performing strategies should be a cumulative effort between your business and one of our marketing representatives, as a comprehensive team to increase business presence.

First off, you can try offering just one product or service on your index/homepage. If you sell more than a few items off of your website we can always create a focus on whatever product has the highest ROI, product popularity, and/or customer retention rates. We’ve found that offering fewer products translates to more sales of one product, compared to few sales of all products. You can also try to add impact to your advertisements with pop-up ads. Everyone has seen at least one small window containing a special offer or other information that appear when you visit a website, and no matter how annoying and inconvenient they might be, they have been useful marketing tools for years.

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