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The E-Commerce Kickstarter is designed to establish a very strong foundation of links and web presence for online stores targeting multiple product-specific keywords, with multiple pages. Our E-Commerce Kickstarter drives substantial authority towards the site overall, and loads of backlink foundation for up to 30 key product pages.

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This campaign is designed for new websites, or otherwise websites with very low existing web presence, in order to kickstart the ranking process. In some cases, page-1 SERP positions may be achieved. (However, it’s also safe to use this campaign on any established site, to boost existing rankings.) Here’s some sample keywords that would be ideal targets for key pages, using this campaign:

  • buy [specific niche product]
  • [specific product name] for sale
  • [specific product name] coupon code

Package Details:

* 1 Giza Pyramid – Quality guest content posted on very established crowdsourced sites, heavily reinforced with multiple tiers of backlinks to vastly multiply effectiveness and PageRank on the 1st tier. Also includes a professional press release (create + mass syndication).

* 1 Professional Press Release, We create a newsworthy press release and submit it to 1000’s of established news sources – enterprise level distribution, and 95% end up in Google News as well. “To protect your domain from any potentials penalties, all press release links are automatically set to No-Follow”.

* 40 PR4+ High PR Niche Blog Posts, This is a gray hat strategy, where we produce quality, unique guest content embedded with your links – which is then published on other participating webmaster’s blogs (there are currently over 14,000 participating sites). 1 unique article per blog, high-quality content.

* 20 Guest Posts – Guest-Authorship On Key Industry Sites (Direct In-Market Publicity) – With this service, our designated outreach managers and artful writers coordinate with each other to create a powerful publicity campaign that stretches out to key industry sites and authorities we can get our hands on for powerful links on.

  • Kickstarter and Climb & Defend are available for this package
  • Perfect for newly launched eCommerce sites that need a ranking boost
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