Google is following up last month’s launch of keyword bulk upload from the Net UI with bulk uploads for advertisements and ad groups.

This will allow advertisers to download data, make changes in the spreadsheets and then upload those changes directly into Google.

By clicking the “Editable” box before downloading a report from AdWords, you’ll be able to make adjustments to ad creatives, pause ad groups or change budgets inside the report. A superb piece of advice from Google would be to save your original report as there is certainly no strategy to revert back right after uploading changes.

When you download the report, make sure to check off the “editable” option:

Within the Excel spreadsheet, you will see “Action” in the very first column buy tamiflu. This can be where you signal changes to AdWords; in the event you leave this blank, the program will ignore the row. The three options are: Add, Get rid of, Set. “Set” might be employed when altering an ad or ad group from “enabled” to “paused”. You’ll then also require to produce the alter within the Ad Status column. “Set” also can be used to alter an ad group’s maximum CPC or location URL.

Then make your changes and save your changes in the format of CSV, TSV or Excel. Then you can upload these changes by clicking on “Reports and uploads” on the left navigation panel, and then select the “Uploads” tab.

You will see a new column here titled “Upload type,” shown above.

Find more details on using the bulk uploads feature here.