Google Bosting Brand Exposure Changes Titles In Search

Google appears to be experimenting with changing page titles within their search listings to elevate brand name. The change shows that Google is, in some cases, ignoring the title tag meta data (which is not unusual in itself) and bumping the brand name to the front of the page title followed by a colon and […]

Analyze Your Pins

Pinterest Web Analytics has been the most awaited and talked about feature for a while now. This feature has now gone live. With the substantial Growth and Increase in Number of Users worldwide, it was certain that Pinterest will become the new Social phenomenon.

While Brands started recognizing the influential Power of this new addictive platform, […]

Upload Your Ads & Ad Groups To Google Adwords

Google is following up last month’s launch of keyword bulk upload from the Net UI with bulk uploads for advertisements and ad groups.

This will allow advertisers to download data, make changes in the spreadsheets and then upload those changes directly into Google.

By clicking the “Editable” box before downloading a report from AdWords, you’ll be able […]

Facebook Verified Accounts & Fanpages

Facebook on May 29, 2013 announced the release of new feature called Facebook Verified Accounts & Fanpages. For many, this is absolute copying from Twitter for some it is (Y) (Y) feature. It is launched worldwide with most of the Famous Personalities and Brands getting their Fanpage verified.

Verified Facebook Accounts & Fanpages have Blue check […]

Targeting City Centers For Local Businesses

As a Service Area Business, you want to be sure that you’re doing your best to target potential customers at their location. Unfortunately, businesses are served up based on location and if you’re hiding your address then it’s ALL about the areas you service. So, let’s be sure you’ve got everything dialed in the best […]

The New Face Of SEO

On May 13, Google’s Matt Cutts published a video titled “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?”. Here’s the link to it. The video covers ten topics about Google changes and the impact these changes will have on the future of SEO.

Launch of Penguin 2.0 –

Google […]