Responsive Web Design Makes Device Compatibility A Snap

Device Consistency, Adaptable Design, Responsive 960 Grid System

Invite Your New Customers With New Layout Options

We here at Cheap Solutions make it our mission to assist both small and large scale companies in their quest to attain well designed websites that promote their business. For corporations and individuals who are just starting to implement their “brand” onto the digital landscape, our expertise can take them to an entirely higher sphere of recognition.

Mobile Web Design

The reality is that most websites were developed to seen by those viewers utilize a standard desktop or laptop computer. However the proliferation of mobile devices, iPhone and Android phones have changed many of the rule. The design and function of your company website must be able to be enjoyed from any manner of device that can access the internet. If your consumer can not see what it is you have to offer from their mobile device, your risk losing their interest and their patronage forever.

Responsive Web Design

The concept of Responsive Web Design is a relatively new one in the world of website planning. It means that your web pages will be seen on an assortment of mobile devices in a manner that does not take away from their information or sense of aesthetics. As for those online consumers that are using the latest of Apple mobile devices, you must be one of the Retina Ready Websites already online, or you are not taking advantage of the high quality vision these computer users can experience. While this seems like a reliable way to maintain your online customer base, countless web pages do not utilize this strategy. Ultimately it is those website owners that stand to lose both consumers, sales and profits.

Tablet Web Design

Internet aficionados have found that the convenience of android, windows and iPad tablets is here to stay. These devices allow consumers to order their favorite product or investigate a new shopping site from the comfort of their own home. Because these tablets come in a variety of sizes, their comfort zone can be anywhere from the palm of their hand to the luxury of their bed. If the design of your website does not allow easy access or make a quick purchase, you’ve lost a sizable aspect of your market. Let our team show you how affordable Responsive Web Design can be. All it takes is a consultation to take your website into the future with ease.

Media commands detect browser size and deliver the correct layout for the dimension. Seamlessly expands and contracts to fit any browser.
Responsive and adaptive designs allow you to keep your website in one domain without having the need for mobile or tablet sub-domains.
Our Joomla templates utilize Gantry Architecture that enables a 960 Design Grid System for amazingly fluid and consistent design layouts.
The days of hand coded websites are gone. Modern CMS has made web design available to the masses. Most CMS templates come responsive ready.
Most internet geeks will agree there is no difference now between local and mobile. Mobile based searches usually result in customer transactions and traffic.
Utilizing a responsive design will allow you to be accessible to everyone who is trying to look at your site. This will have a direct impact on your sales.

The Easiest Choice To Make

The number of mobile devices keep growing along with the laptops, tablets, and various desktop monitor sizes. The delivery of your website needs to meet the standards of all users as it directly affects the number of leads and sales opportunities the site generates.
  • High Quality responsive websites in either Joomla or WordPress
  • Responsive themes are designed in dynamic CSS to allow for control
  • Responsive design allows the website to resize to any browser
  • We create responsive websites that are optimized for search engines
  • We can create websites using a template design or custom design