PPC Management Services For Online Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising can be an effective way to increase visibility in the search engines for your brand. There are many factors that need to be considered for launching a successful Pay Per Click campaign. Business owners often become frustrated with the process and many give up because they find it is consuming too much time and resources. There are many reasons to choose Cheap SEO Solutions for your PPC needs. This is a specialized form of advertising that requires specific knowledge to properly set up and maintain campaigns. The goal of PPC advertising is to direct potential customers to your website and have them make a purchase, sign up for service, or perform another action. We provide PPC management for your business to optimize performance and cost.
Engaging, unique content is essential when trying to dominate your SERP and Build Rank. Let our professional content team create your web copy for optimal ranking opportunity. Google Adwords Management
Onsite SEO Optimization consists of a thorough page evaluation process that results in complete and permanent optimization of any page. This service is for new or existing sites.Microsoft Advertising
Boost your ranking potential with our customizable SEO Page Promotion Packages. We provide many packaged choices for all budget types, including A la Carte options.Facebook Promotions

Cheap SEO Solutions PPC Programs

Tracking conversions is the best way to track campaign success. When customer clicks through to your website and makes a purchase, this increases the conversion rate of that ad campaign. The conversion rate can be tracked to provide information about the success of a specific ad. At Cheap SEO Solutions, we install tracking code to provide valuable information and metrics that are useful for helping you make important decisions regarding current and future campaigns. We also utilize available analytic data to help guide your advertising decisions. All of our campaigns utilize conversion tracking.

Creating an ad on Google is easier than ever with Adwords Express. The cheapest Seo solutions break the ice in the advertising market with a simple Adwords Express campaign. We will help you select your target audience, write the ad copy, and set your budget. Ad words express automatically manages where and when your ads will appear on Google. No keywords to choose and no ongoing maintenance.

  • One time set up fee of $25 and no other fees, outside of your budget, ever.
  • Self marketing campaign is easy to setup and launch, Google makes marketing decisions.
Choosing Cheap SEO Solutions to manage your Google ad words is a great business decision. We have the right skills to manage adword campaigns effectively and maximize your ROI. Whether you’re looking to bring in new website traffic or increase direct sales, a solid Google Adword campaign can have a direct positive affect on your business. Our approach to campaign management consists of a blend of Google best practices, Industry standard practices and experience. Each campaign is carefully maximized to yield the best ROI. We consider factors in developing your campaign such as targeted marketing, remarketing, campaign extensions, mobile marketing, campaign tracking, site link extensions, ad times and delivery locations. Even if your goal is to just increase website traffic, we have the ability to benchmark and track your campaign progress.

If you are looking to increase direct sales we can track each sale that is generated through the Google Adwords system. Google search campaigns deal with the Google search engine results page having 10 potential advertising slots that carry variable price tags. We help you decide which of those slots will produce the best results for the least amount of money. It is our goal to maximize the the budget for the ad campaign no matter the campaign size. Google search campaigns have more finite control over ad delivery and extensibility. Google offers many tools to enhance the functionality of your ad campaign. Hire us to maximize your campaign potential and turn your sluggish sales around.

Adwords let’s you:

  • Control bids, ad delivery and timing to maximize budgets.
  • Use extension tools to enhance the functionality of your ad.
  • Set up call tracking to monitor click to call conversions.
  • Install website code to track ad conversion easily.
  • Choose Keywords and negative keyword lists to control who sees your ad.
The greatest thing about the Google display network is how much control you actually have over creating and managing your display banners. Google has made it amazingly effective to manage banners across the Google display. Display advertising lets you create all types of ads including text, image, interactive and video ads. You can place and manage those ads on websites that are relevant to what you’re selling easily and without restriction. With this method you can show these ads to the people that are most likely to be interested in your products. As with search campaigns you can manage and track your budget and results monitoring closely your ROI. Cheap SEO Solutions can help you create amazing advertising creatives that will capture and compel your audience.

  • Managed banner placement and target marketing.
  • Control costs while still increasing traffic and reach.
Google shopping campaigns offer advertisers a simple and scalable way to organize and promote your Google Merchant Center product inventory within AdWords allowing you to easily create customized ad campaigns using retail-centric tools. You can then use Google’s powerful reporting and benchmarking tools to monitor and optimize your Shopping campaign performance.

Google shopping campaigns display the Product Listing Ads in a separate box on Google Search (separate from text ads), on Google search partner websites that display and link to products for sale, and on Google Shopping (in select countries). Product Listing Ads include rich product information sourced in from the website or from within your campaign, like an image, title, price, and your store or business name. Hire Cheap SEO Solutions and let us your Google Merchant Center account and your AdWords account.

  • Display actual product with price, image, and more.
  • Effective management of Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords.
Facebook has entered the advertising market and it is amazingly affordable and direct. Facebook offers a simple page promotion ad with small initial daily budgets. This is a very effective way of increasing page likes and reach. The page promotion ad is served to those who have indicated a similarity to either your existing page likes or page demographics. The Facebook Offer is designed to drive traffic to brick and mortar stores as well as eCommerce sites. Facebook users can print out coupons or use online coupons to redeem special offers either in-store or online.

Facebook also allows you to promote posts. This is a very effective way to spread your post to a greater number of your page followers. Cheap SEO Solutions offers complete Facebook management solutions that allow you to get back to doing business while your social media presence is perfectly managed. We can also manage your Twitter, Google+ and Local Business pages.

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Hire Us To Manage Your PPC Efforts

      • We are highly effective in auditing PPC accounts
      • Our PPC Management services are based on best practices
      • We can quickly tell the effectiveness of any campaign
      • Experienced in managing thousands of keywords and large accounts
      • Expert in creating effective advertising materials

What Client’s Say

Great job with the adwords account guys! Very happy with the creatives and the management of hte budget, everything is top notch!
George, Gas Depot
Just wanted to thank you again for the great job on reducing the budget for adwords. I knew we were over spending but I had no idea it was that much! Nice work on the ads too, catchy.
Eric, Onyx
Always a great job and thank you for all the hard work you have provided over the years!
Roland, Laurenzos Group
So glad we finally started the ad campaigns. Very happy with the results and with the management of costs.
Adam, Custom Tile
10 out of 10. Do I need to say more. Hire these guys and see for yourself.
Victoria, Body Basics