Facebook Graph Search is an enhanced version of the native Facebook Search for the Web. Facebook Graph Search enables a user to search for various elements by using simple phrases for searches like “Cities my Friend has live in”, “Photos my friends took at Golden Gate Bridge”, etc.. You can explore new places like Restaurants, Gym, Movie Theaters that your friends have been to providing a complete new dimension to Social Search. You can connect with people with same interest as yours like Swimming, Cycling, etc.

Facebook Graph Search basically works on User Data that is Public in nature, so as a User we need to take more precautionary steps in sharing data as public. Whenever you search something using Facebook Graph Search, the search result is the outcome of Public data shared by your friends and their immediate friends.

Here are some examples of searches via Facebook Graph Search:

Simple Search – “My Friends”

Local Search – “Restaurants in New York”

A More Complex Search – “Music My Friends Like”

Results for Facebook Graph Search are different for different users. Facebook Graph Search supports different types of Content like Public Posts, People, Pages, Events, Applications, Groups, Places and Check-Ins. Information searched with Facebook Graph Search is easier to understand and potentially more appealing and trustworthy for users. Another feature that adds Awesomeness to the Facebook Graph Search is the ability to filter the Search Data.

Initially Facebook Graph Search was over shadowed by Concerns about Privacy but with time and awareness created by Facebook, boosted resulting in more users joining the Waiting List. Facebook Graph Search is currently available to selected users only after they have joined the Waiting List.

We will obviously keep exploring Graph Search and inform you about any updates in our upcoming newsletters.