Capture More Customers With Bing Smart Search And Product Ads

Sitelinks Extensions, Location Targeting, Universal Event Tracking and Device Targeting.

Why Every Business Needs To Make Use Of Bing

At Cheap SEO Solutions, we believe that the key to increasing a company’s bottom line lies in making full use of Bing Ads. Companies find Bing Ads increase the number of items consumers put into their cart and mobile ads boost local impact. Any business struggling to increase their market share should look into the benefits of Microsoft Advertising.

Mobile Bing Ads

Consumers tend to spend where they live, as research shows time and time again. Mobile ads drive clients to a local business, yet many companies fail to take full advantage of this marketing opportunity, and this failure to do so significantly hurts a business, as experts predict mobile search will overtake desktop search in the very near future. In fact, for certain types of searches, such as those with directional intent, mobile search already leads the way. Companies must take full advantage of this, and, with the help of Mobile Bing Ads, this task becomes much easier, yet this is only part of why many are turning to this marketing strategy. Universal Event Tracking is another.

Universal Event Tracking

Bing Universal Tracking benefits clients in that it allows a company to track critical conversion goals across a site quickly and easily. With the use of one tag across the site, the user can measure the success of various marketing campaigns. This may be done across ad campaigns, devices, and more, allowing a company to improve their investment and obtain enhanced insights. Users find the tracking system to be very easy to use, and the tag may be employed for audience remarketing. These benefits boost one’s bottom line in numerous ways, and these are only a few of the benefits of incorporating UET. Companies making full use of this marketing technique find their business is rewarded in a variety of ways. The aforementioned are only a few of the numerous benefits seen with this marketing strategy. Contact Cheap SEO Solutions today to learn more.

Universal Event Tracking (UET) is a powerful campaign measurement tool that allows you to track key conversion goals important to your business.
Product Ads showcase your products in an engaging ad format by including images, promotional text, pricing and your company name.
Bing mobile gives a new dimension to local searching as users make a phone call, store visit or purchase within five hours of a mobile search.
Let us set up your ads to show sitelinks, call and location extension to enhance function of your ad.
Bing Ads helps you put your business in front of local customers with easy-to-use products and features. Let us show you!
By including a business address and phone number directly in your ads, you help local searchers find your business.

The Up And Coming Search Engine

Microsoft Bing has been growing as a search engine users are requesting. Since 2009, the Microsoft and Yahoo partnership has surpassed the MSN Search with the help of it’s integration with Facebook.
  • The goal is to bring visitors to your website to purchase your product
  • Your ad will be seen by people with an interest in your business field
  • We will work with you to develop an effective Bing Ad campaign
  • You have the ability to create a wide range of advertisements
  • Bing brings your ads to your potential customers on the internet