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Analyze Your Pins

Pinterest Web Analytics has been the most awaited and talked about feature for a while now tamiflu generic. This feature has now gone live. With the substantial Growth and Increase in Number of Users worldwide, it was certain that Pinterest will become the new Social phenomenon.
While Brands started recognizing the influential Power of this new addictive platform, Pinterest itself couldn’t tell Brands about their users, which were the most pinned Images and Analytics that could be of much importance. Now, Pinterest does this all!
Pinterest Web Analytics provides the ability to Track their Pinning activity, what the Followers and Other Pinners like, most Repinned Images, most Clicked Images, and other Site Metrics. These Web Analytics can be checked for a custom date range and it also provides a Quick Select option for 7 days, 14 days and 30 days respectively. We think the inclusion of Analytics has not only been a crucial one, but the one most needed!
You need to follow the below steps to check the Analytics of your Pinterest Account:
• Verify your Account (Both Personal & Business Account need to be verified). Click here to know more (Insert this link:
• Select “Analytics” from the Drop Down Menu in the top right corner.
These Web Analytics will help you know more about your Followers and what they like so that you can develop or modify your Pinterest Strategy accordingly.
Note: The Analytics are only supported with the new layout of Pinterest.

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Upload Your Ads & Ad Groups To Google Adwords

Google is following up last month’s launch of keyword bulk upload from the Net UI with bulk uploads for advertisements and ad groups.
This will allow advertisers to download data, make changes in the spreadsheets and then upload those changes directly into Google.
By clicking the “Editable” box before downloading a report from AdWords, you’ll be able to make adjustments to ad creatives, pause ad groups or change budgets inside the report. A superb piece of advice from Google would be to save your original report as there is certainly no strategy to revert back right after uploading changes.
When you download the report, make sure to check off the “editable” option:
Within the Excel spreadsheet, you will see “Action” in the very first column buy tamiflu. This can be where you signal changes to AdWords; in the event you leave this blank, the program will ignore the row. The three options are: Add, Get rid of, Set. “Set” might be employed when altering an ad or ad group from “enabled” to “paused”. You’ll then also require to produce the alter within the Ad Status column. “Set” also can be used to alter an ad group’s maximum CPC or location URL.
Then make your changes and save your changes in the format of CSV, TSV or Excel. Then you can upload these changes by clicking on “Reports and uploads” on the left navigation panel, and then select the “Uploads” tab.
You will see a new column here titled “Upload type,” shown above.
Find more details on using the bulk uploads feature here.

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Facebook Verified Accounts & Fanpages

Facebook on May 29, 2013 announced the release of new feature called Facebook Verified Accounts & Fanpages tamiflu 75 mg. For many, this is absolute copying from Twitter for some it is (Y) (Y) feature. It is launched worldwide with most of the Famous Personalities and Brands getting their Fanpage verified.
Verified Facebook Accounts & Fanpages have Blue check mark right next to their Name which resembles to Twitter Verified Profiles check mark. This check mark appears in the Timeline, Search Results, Newsfeed and other sections on Facebook. If you hover over the badge you will find the text “Verified Page”.
The objective behind this feature is to make sure that the authentic user profiles come up in Search Results everywhere on and off Facebook. Impersonators BEWARE! You are going to be extinct on Facebook soon.
As of now, verified Fanpages belong to small group of popular and prominent public figures from the fields of Cinema, Journalism, Government officials, Popular brands and Businesses with large audience. This update will be soon rolling out to Personal profiles as well.
As of now, Facebook is proactively verifying the authenticity of Fanpages and accounts from the above mentioned domains. Also, keep in mind that not all authentic Profiles and Pages are verified and that one cannot request to have your profile or Page verified. Facebook has clearly stated out that this feature will be available only to Popular Brands and Businesses with large audience.
We will have to wait and find out what does this feature have for less popular Brands and Fanpages with less audience.

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Targeting City Centers For Local Businesses

As a Service Area Business, you want to be sure that you’re doing your best to target potential customers at their location. Unfortunately, businesses are served up based on location and if you’re hiding your address then it’s ALL about the areas you service. So, let’s be sure you’ve got everything dialed in the best possible way.
One of the first things we do when auditing a new local customer is to review the basic information within their listing. Is the phone number a land line? Is the email address accurate? Are the NAP details uniform? etc tamiflu dosage for adults.
One thing we find far too often is that service area businesses tend to set themselves up as servicing customers within a specific distance of their hidden address. Most of the time it’s a pretty large distance, which makes their service area very large.
Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks to this strategy is that by targeting a larger area you’re failing to target those smaller specific areas that have more customers looking for you. The solution is simple. When you go into your listing choose the ‘list the areas served’ and add in the area codes to laser target those high traffic city centers.
In addition, we are listing down 9 important Local Search Optimization tips:
1. Having a Land Line Number helps with trust. Even though you are probably using cell phone or VoIP exclusively, the phone companies are still considered trusted data providers — especially regarding phone numbers. So it’s recommended that businesses maintain a traditional phone number listing to elevate Google’s trust-level
2. The Quantity of reviews you have matter. Although Google has the review/reviewer algorithm in place to combat fake-review spam, the number of reviews you […]

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Penguin 2.0 Updates

Webmasters have been expecting a major Penguin update from Google for quite some time. Finally, on May 22, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google had not only started the roll-out, but completed it. Here’s the tweet:
Below is the link to the official post on Matt Cutts’ blog –
Since we have a database of 55,000 keywords, it was helpful for us to slice and dice the results pre and post Penguin 2.0. We did an in-depth analysis of top 10 results for approximately 21,000 local keywords.
Below is the analysis of domains (across all verticals targeting GEOs) which have replaced the sites which were previously ranking in the top 10 Google results –
1. In the SERP analysis, we found that 29.5 % of the domains are either Partial Match Domains (29.12%) or Exact Match Domains (0.37%). A lot of other experts are not talking about the return of Partial Match and Exact Match Domains in SERPs.
2. Sites like YellowPages, Yelp, FindLaw, AngiesList, SuperPages have increased their presence even more. These sites are now dominating top 10 results. Below is the list of top 20 domains which account for 23.36% of top 10 results.

Top 20 websites

Total %

Increase in %

















Google Images / News









www.avvo site



















3. As can be seen from above nearly 53% (52.85%) of first page real estate is dominated by EMD + PMD + Top 20 authority domains (which include local as well as industry specific directories).
4. A further analysis of the backlinks of sites ranking in top 10 results reveals that the backlinks are built from either free sites, paid sites or networks owned by SEO agencies. We are also seeing websites which have built spammy links from blog comments, international language pages, etc. and are […]

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Google Adwords Scraps Phone Numbers For AD Text

Starting from April, if a marketer wants to include a contact number in an Adwords Ad, they need to call extensions feature. Google will start disapproving any ads that include telephone numbers in the ad text, according to a recent policy update.

The official word from Google:

“In the next few weeks, we will no longer allow phone numbers to be used in the ad text of new ads. Advertisers who would still like to promote phone numbers in their AdWords advertising can use the call extensions feature. We’re posting this alert now to provide adequate lead time to make ad changes.

In April 2013, we will begin to disapprove ads that were using phone numbers in their ad text before the March 2013 policy change.”

While an ad like this is currently visible, it will no longer be allowed in AdWords:

The change will be enacted in April of this year, but Google made the announcement last week in order to give businesses enough time to react. It seems that there are a few things to keep in mind starting in April:

• Call extensions This is a feature that will show up on a Google ad for users to press. In other words, instead of seeing the actual phone number in the ad, you will just see a button that says “call” that forwards messages to a given number.

• Forwarding Numbers This is another option of call extensions that allows you to direct calls to your business when the ads show up on desktop or laptop computers.

• Payment The new call extensions will charge advertisers every time a mobile user clicks on the call button. Advertisers will have to pay a standard ad click; however the $1 charge for […]

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